Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Things Friday {Happy Fall Y'all}

Do you remember who I am?
Yeah, didn't think so. 

I'm Megan and I used to blog here. But lately I've been slacking like none other at it. 

School's been kicking me in the butt, so too much time studying means little time crafting/blogging :(. 
BUT on the plus side, my favorite season is officially here! Can we get a woot woot for fall? All this buzz about fall gets me uber excited for the temperatures to drop, for the scarves to officially come out, and maybe what I'm most excited for? PUMPKIN PIE! WOOTIETOOTOOT. Massive calorie intake here I come. 

And this day is dedicated to food associated with pumpkin, fashion full of leather, home decor with lots o pumpkins and natury looking things. Don't fall out of your seat with excitement. Baha. You can tell me I'm funny.

Let me just let you drool all over your keyboard for a few moments while looking at these pumpkin donuts. I'll be 500lbs with all these comfort foods. Good thing I can hide it under big floppy sweaters. 

With fall fashion comes leeeatther boots. I've been eyeing these, and since I have a major big discount coupon for this store I'm tempted to buy them. The thing is I'm afraid they might get slouchy and drop to my ankles since they aren't tight against the leg. I had that with my previous pair of boots {same style as these}, they weren't leather though. Do you think since leather is a little bit stiffer they will stay up?

I'd say everyone needs a fashionable hoodie for fall! I say that, but I don't have one. Which is pretty shady of me. Nevertheless, I adore this one. Too bad it's over $100. NOT COOL. 

Let's end this first Friday of fall celebration with YET ANOTHER food spike with pumpkin... yum. Brown Butter Pumpkin Waffles. Mmmhmmm, come fall on my plate every morning. I'll welcome you with a fork and knife in hand. 

Have a super fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Wore {Sneak Peak of Fall}

You're probably thinking that we totally forgot about this which is a valid thought seeing as we haven't been in the blog word lately especially me. I mean, my last post was August 14. ((hides face))

Today, I am coming to you with one of my favorite new outfits! & that scarf, ohh I just die. 

cardigan : charming charlie's // top : megan's (target, i think) // scarft : charming charlie's // jeans : GAP // boots : old navy 

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year because the leaves change colors, the days become chilly, and sweatshirts can be worn 24/7! Also, fall fashion is just perfecto so my posting and outfits will have a little more thought into them than just shorts + a t-shirt. 

{a classic me below. & all photos are by the fabulous Melanie.} 

What is your staple piece for fall? I'd love to know so I can add more to my ever-growing closet :) 

Happy Fall! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Maxi Skirt

I think it is quite evident to all that we have been acing on the slacking lately. So as an act of washing your feet I bring to you the easiest and one of my most favoritest refashion projects that make me jump and squeal for joy. Seriously, it is so dang easy. If you can cut, pin, measure, and sew a straight line for two seconds you'll get a blue ribbon for this one!
Jeepers! I'm getting right in with style and have myself a maxi skirt! I don't know why I didn't get one sooner! Actually I do. If you are a tall girl like me you know where this is going. I have the problem where maxi's are always 3-5 inches too short and end up looking like those pilgrim dresses from Columbus' day in age. It would appear to you that designers would remember those blessed in inches and throw a few extra inches to the chunk of a skirt, but they seem to forget that people do grow past 5 foot 10. Any of you ladies strugglin' with this fashion crisis-- hop off that bus and make yourself a skirt. 

And if you read closely above you'll see that my black maxi didn't start a skirt, or start from scratch... it started from a dress! A dress that was about 4 inches to short, and here is a blurry picture to prove it but doesn't really show the shortness.

This whole DIY maxi skirt dream came to play when I saw Merrick's Art's Goddess Dress. I read the tutorial and was like "Good lans! That's easy enough for a girl like me who has some serious blonde moments to ace!" 
And so I went on the hunt for jersey knit fabric (I was planning on leaving the shirt off (I was planning on leaving the shirt part of the dress off). While I was on the hunt I came across the dress above on the clearance rack at our trusty ol Old Navy. I tried it on thinking that I could just settle for a dress. Turns out it was too short, and was kinda lifeless looking. Hung it back up. 
We made our way to JoAnn's. Found the black jersey knit fabric. Saw the price per yard and about had a heart failure and the ripe old age of 15. Then my mathematic side of my brain started churning and the price of the dress was cheaper than the price of one yard of fabric (I would end up needing 2.5) AND THATS WITH A COUPON. Long story short (because seriously this is turning into a novel with so many grammatical errors) I ended up buying the dress and chopping it up and ending up with a skirt that I wear too much.
And here's how I went about that.

What You Need
Elastic (3/4)
 Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine

I measured from the floor up to where I wanted my skirt to hit and marked it on the dress with chalk. Add to inches up to that line and mark it. (you will need both lines marked)

Before you cut, put the dress on as if it were a skirt to make sure it's not too short! Chop the dress up following the top line (the line with 2 inches added)

Put the skirt aside for now, and move onto the elastic. Measure your waist, take 2-3 inches off that and cut your elastic that length. 

Match up the two ends and zip-zag stitch them together. It doesn't have to be anything pretty, I mean look at mine. Looks like I sewed it blindfolded. 

Fold this 'zig-zaged flap' to one end and stitch it down, with a straight stitch.

Back to the skirt. 
Turn the skirt inside out. 
Fold over the top fabric until you reach the line marked indicating the length you want your skirt to end up. This is just the beginning of creating the casing for the elastic. But this is a super easy casing!

Insert your elastic under the folded piece of fabric you just created. Pin down the elastic and gather the skirt as you go along.

Sew all the way around the skirt, right underneath the elastic. 
 TAADAA! You're done! Not even a hem needed to be hemmed :).
Super easy right? If you have any questions don't be afraid to comment/email me! I'll get back to you asap.
Now, go chop up a dress and make it into something fab-u-lous! Even you shorties, and in-betweenies can make one! Fun for all :)

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not So Peachy

A couple weeks ago I gave you a sneak peak into the possible three colors for my next project. It turns out that project was painting a mirror my mom scored for me at a garage sale. It started out as dark wood (with a few water stains) so painting was a must. I seem to have a little fear of color when painting, so I promised myself to go bold with this. After seeing Hello Hue's chipper bed frame she painted yellow I thought how festive would it be to paint my mirror a cheery yellow, and it certainly would be bold!
So the next chance we were in town we made a trip to Lowe's in search for the perfect yellow. We came across this particular paint chip and I was swooning over "Peach Tea" by Valspar (color farthest to the right on the paint chip). I picked it up in a sample size since the mirror doesn't have much area that needs paint. Got home, held the color up to my walls and loved the bright contrast.

I loved Peach Tea on the paint chip, and in the can, but when it was on the mirror things weren't so peachy anymore (baha.). I've tried to love it, I really have. It's been sitting in my room (not in it's final spot) for 2 weeks and every time it screams "BABY NURSERY YELLOW" to me.

So, I've decided that Peach Tea is not for me (as much as I wish it was) and is time to reconsider the paint colors. BUT I need your help with this!
What color do you think I should go for? 
I've been thinking an avocado/olivey green but don't want the same thing that happened with yellow to happen with the green.
I'm pretty much open for any ideas-- so throw whatever you've got out there! Love to hear every one!

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