Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Things Friday {Happy Fall Y'all}

Do you remember who I am?
Yeah, didn't think so. 

I'm Megan and I used to blog here. But lately I've been slacking like none other at it. 

School's been kicking me in the butt, so too much time studying means little time crafting/blogging :(. 
BUT on the plus side, my favorite season is officially here! Can we get a woot woot for fall? All this buzz about fall gets me uber excited for the temperatures to drop, for the scarves to officially come out, and maybe what I'm most excited for? PUMPKIN PIE! WOOTIETOOTOOT. Massive calorie intake here I come. 

And this day is dedicated to food associated with pumpkin, fashion full of leather, home decor with lots o pumpkins and natury looking things. Don't fall out of your seat with excitement. Baha. You can tell me I'm funny.

Let me just let you drool all over your keyboard for a few moments while looking at these pumpkin donuts. I'll be 500lbs with all these comfort foods. Good thing I can hide it under big floppy sweaters. 

With fall fashion comes leeeatther boots. I've been eyeing these, and since I have a major big discount coupon for this store I'm tempted to buy them. The thing is I'm afraid they might get slouchy and drop to my ankles since they aren't tight against the leg. I had that with my previous pair of boots {same style as these}, they weren't leather though. Do you think since leather is a little bit stiffer they will stay up?

I'd say everyone needs a fashionable hoodie for fall! I say that, but I don't have one. Which is pretty shady of me. Nevertheless, I adore this one. Too bad it's over $100. NOT COOL. 

Let's end this first Friday of fall celebration with YET ANOTHER food spike with pumpkin... yum. Brown Butter Pumpkin Waffles. Mmmhmmm, come fall on my plate every morning. I'll welcome you with a fork and knife in hand. 

Have a super fabulous weekend!

1 comment:

Kacie said...

Megan Megan, you are a funny one! I really think you should go for the boots! :)

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