Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not So Peachy

A couple weeks ago I gave you a sneak peak into the possible three colors for my next project. It turns out that project was painting a mirror my mom scored for me at a garage sale. It started out as dark wood (with a few water stains) so painting was a must. I seem to have a little fear of color when painting, so I promised myself to go bold with this. After seeing Hello Hue's chipper bed frame she painted yellow I thought how festive would it be to paint my mirror a cheery yellow, and it certainly would be bold!
So the next chance we were in town we made a trip to Lowe's in search for the perfect yellow. We came across this particular paint chip and I was swooning over "Peach Tea" by Valspar (color farthest to the right on the paint chip). I picked it up in a sample size since the mirror doesn't have much area that needs paint. Got home, held the color up to my walls and loved the bright contrast.

I loved Peach Tea on the paint chip, and in the can, but when it was on the mirror things weren't so peachy anymore (baha.). I've tried to love it, I really have. It's been sitting in my room (not in it's final spot) for 2 weeks and every time it screams "BABY NURSERY YELLOW" to me.

So, I've decided that Peach Tea is not for me (as much as I wish it was) and is time to reconsider the paint colors. BUT I need your help with this!
What color do you think I should go for? 
I've been thinking an avocado/olivey green but don't want the same thing that happened with yellow to happen with the green.
I'm pretty much open for any ideas-- so throw whatever you've got out there! Love to hear every one!

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