Monday, October 14, 2013

Craft Show Goodies {Banners}

Since it's now officially fall (ehem, like 3 weeks ago) I'd say that makes it officially craft show time. I don't know about you but craft shows get me giddy about getting back home and cracking out my sewing machine! 
Anywhoo, since me + Taylor + my sister's first craft show is in less than a month (EEK) I'd say it's high time I start showing off a few more of my goodies that you will see at Byron Center Craft show. Late this past summer I shared the fold-over clutch. Today I present you with Happy Scrappy Banners.

EEK, it's happiness on some thread. 
Here's the details:
-Each banner is a little more than 2 yards
-A range of 65-70 happy scraps of fabric with 5-7 different shapes

They look great on mantles, across windows, birthday parties, on a wall surrounded by cheerful pictures, and I even have one draped across my mirror! 

These are just a few of the patterns so far, I'm working on more as you read this! (unless of course you read this while I'm at school :D)
What about you? Have you been hitting up the craft shows? 
More of what I'm selling: Fold-over clutchZips and Buttons Ups

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