Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I Wore {Comfiest Outfit EVER}

You guys! I just don't know how to express my love for this sweatshirt other than with a bunch of <3's, but that'd make more for a super boring post, so instead I'm trying my best to get you to buy it with my rambling below. 

Not sure if you have noticed, but Old Navy makes the comfiest sweatshirts ever. I already own way to many, but this one was just calling my name. Here's the story of how it came to my closet {I know, you are super excited ;)}

I was just walkin' around Old Navy like any other normal day when all of a sudden I saw the glorious colors grey + white IN STRIPES! What could be better? Um, it being the softest material ever. So, of course it made on my pile of things to try on and the moment I put it on, I knew it had to be mine, ASAP. I ran to the checkout line, pushing everything out of my way, I bought it, ran home and have been wearing it ever since. Okay, maybe not every day ;)

Sweatshirt: Old Navy // Light Grey Jacket: Aeropostale {very old} // Yoga Pants: Old Navy // Boots: Payless

Have I convinced you to hop in your car & drive to the nearest Old Navy? yes!
I know it also comes in a couple different colors so if you aren't into the stripes try those! 
I may or may not be getting it in another color.

I've seen multiple people wearing this sweatshirt on various blogs + instagrams too, so maybe you are wearing it right now :)

Happy wednesday my friends,

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Kacie Ellis said...

Love the boots! I'm your newest follower on gfc :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too. xo

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