Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photoshoot with Four

I'd say we are overdue for a tutorial of some sort, but seems how I seem to be on a tutorial of fast this will have to do until I get my crafting act together. I'm taking the weekend to get a chunk done. Hopefully it can hold you all over for the time being.
One of the perks of having a dad that invests in land to farm on is sometimes you hit the lottery and get a hunk-o-dirt with an amazing old barn among it. I'll wait a while to proceed as you try to soak in this 1932s glory.
Back in September (just confessing my blogging sins of falling behind) me+Taylor+both of our sisters (guess who's is who's) made a hike to this barn for yet another photo shoot. I meant when you've got a barn looking like this you can pass up a shoot here? Can I get an amen?
Here's the full shoot. Actually more like 1/16 of the pictures we got. We ended up with 600 pictures. Did I mention we were there for about 2 hours? Devotion. My sister took the pictures with a Canon Rebel 3TI. Love that camera, but we've got ourselves a Nikon d3100 and I dare say I like it more.

Just to give you a fair warning, this is a picture overload. Hopefully the amazing scenery makes up for the excessive amount. I mean just look at that barn. DROOL. 

 Before we get too ahead of ourselves, you can see Taylor's ridiculously perfect outfit here

*can we all take a moment to stare into the computer's soul at my sisters perfectly distributed curls? ENVY*

Someday we can have a Two Girls and a Glue Gun gathering here. Hopefully we don't fall through the rotting floors though. If that wouldn't be the biggest blogging catastrophe known to man, then I don't know what would. 

Where's your favorite place? Got a new place that's perfect for a photo shoot? 

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