Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Wore {Fall Sweater}

Earth shattering news guys: I bought an article of clothing from a place other than Old Navy or Target. 
What is the world coming too?!

Maybe that's a little exaggeration. I do branch out to more than 2 stores, but those are my main hits.

Me + my sisters pretty much keep Old Navy's heat running in the winter and the lights on year round. And Target, psh. Who doesn't love shopping there? 
Last week we had a 5 day weekend (yes yes! It was like Christmas 2 months early, literally too. We got snow. Praises it melted in 1 day). During the break we headed out to Ikea and hit the outlet malls since we were in the area anyways and wanted to spend way too much money. 
My sister and I walked into LOFT, a store I have only been in once before, and there before on the clearance rack was the perfect fall sweater in all of the US. 

Side note: these boots arrived last week. I'm annoyingly obsessed with them, so expect to see them in about every outfit post for the remaining fall :) 

I tried it on in 3 colors: navy, cream, and this fabulous plum. It's rather obviously what color came home with me that day-- purple. I figured since I have maybe one purple shirt, and one dress it was time to add to the purple family. 

 *sorry for the extremely yucky lighting and awkward pose, it's the only focused full length*
sweater: LOFT | pants: Old Navy | necklace: Charlotte Russe | boots: GoJane
And now, I wear it way too much. Seriously, ask Taylor. I haven't had it for a week and she's see it ah, maybe 3+ times already. You have my word that it's going in the wash before I wear it again. Don't worry, promise I do know a thing or two about personal hygiene. #thisisgettingawkward
Moral of the story, branching out can be fab. Especially when you score clearance racks as good as LOFT's, and I guess make sure to wash your sweaters. No matter how much you want to wear it day after day.

Have you been hitting any new stores? Finding great deals? Got a new favorite sweater that you can relate with me? I'd love to hear!

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Rachel said...

I definitely agree with you on that being the perfect fall sweater! And you look great in that dark purple!

Vicki Wilde said...

Dropping by from the I Feel Pretty Linkup! I love this top, the color is great! I've been stopping at Zara a lot this fall, along with a few sample sales. I love sales this time of year!

<3 Vicki

Ginnie said...

Cute sweater! I may have to track that down myself;)

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