Tuesday, December 31, 2013

See Ya 2013

This post is a little late, but hey at least we are still in the year of twenty thirteen. Plus I couldn't miss out on a 2013 year recap for Lynlee, since it's been a pretty big year for this corner of the internet! 

The biggest bam for Lynlee this year is the name change that we went through less than a month ago! We've been loving the name change, and only wish we had more hours in a day to craft/write up on our blog! (We are wrapping up a semester, so hopefully that will change!) Taylor and I hope you love the change as much as we do. 

We kept up with the craftyness on our blog during 2013, but added a new aspect to our content-- What I Wore. Sharing outfit combos is a way to let out some of the clothes obsessed impulse we have. (To read more WIWW posts, search What I Wore, or go to the labels at the bottom and find it)

We had lots of fun decor tutorials, lots of garlands, and a furniture redo! 

A new camera means in one year, 3 photo shoots. (one was for Christmas and never officially shown on the blog-- you can see snaps in the pictures above!) 

We've continued with craft shows this year, but Taylor added a new dimension to it and started her own mini business (The Twisted Thread) that is off to a great start, and continuing to expand (woot woot!). 
Overall it's been a pretty good year for Lynlee, and we can't wait for 2014.
Thanks for being our faithful readers.

Here's to a fabulous year!
Megan and Taylor

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas To You!

Merry Christmas to all you fabulous readers! We hope you have a spectacular holiday.

Friday, December 20, 2013

On My List

1. sweet mint eos | 2. throw | 3. headband | 4. watch | 5. scarf | 6. washi tape | 7. bracelet | 8. wristlet

Christmas is just err... days away! And since we are doing some major Christmas slacking, I figured I'd make up for it with 6 things that are 'on my list'. Most of my list includes clothes, but I thought I'd mix it up and get a few items other than cardigans and sweaters in the mix :).

1. Eos. My life depends on chapstick. If I go without it, my lips flame up in irritation. It's crazy. Taylor's sister got me hooked on eos, and the sweet mint smells delliicious!

2. Ok so this item is more likely to make my dream list seeing how its $75 for a throw. Nevertheless, I'm in love with it and wouldn't mind throwin it on my bed.

3. I'm seriously a headband hoarder. This one is just fabulous. The shop has so many amazing prints, I'm pretty sure I had 5 prints that were my favorite!

4. I'm not a big wrist charm wearer, but seriously?! If I got this watch I'd wear the life out of the little thing.

5. I'm pretty sure I own enough scarves to last me the rest of my life, but I really dig the cowl styled ones for fall and winter! It's like a glove to my neck-- only with no hand grabbing me uncomfortably. And this color makes me stop dead in my tracks.

6. I think I have more washi taped 'favorited' on Etsy than I do anything else.

7. Again, I'm not usually fond wearing something around my wrist, but if I happen to own this cross bracelet you'd see me everyday doing the layering move with the bracelet and watch! Like really, I can't stop looking at it.

8. I'll be getting my license soon (Lord willing), and I think with that comes a new and improved wallet/wristlet to carry around with my keys and of course my license inside, wouldn't you say? Polka dots+leather makes this 120938234 times more adorable! (love this one in navy as well! Go check it out!)


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Wore {Summer Dress to Fall}

Obviously this outfit isn't as weather appropriate as it was 2 months ago, hence the title involving two seasons that are long gone. But we will go with the flow, because I learned that taking outfit pictures outside in the blistering cold with a wind chill that feels to be -140 degrees while snowflakes busts through you squinty eyelids and almost catching pneumonia is not worth it. No matter how in love with your new jean jacket you are, your health should come first.
So we will embrace this Michigan weather because it means snow days, and pretty views out your window. Instead try to focus on the amazing view, along with the joy snow days bring, and if you please dream of the days when the leaves will come again and then change colors, and then I can wear this outfit once again. So many flashbacks to good 'ol October. 

Anywhoo, enough reminiscing. I bought this dress in mid-August, meaning I really only had a month give or take of wearing it. But that's not enough for me! I wear the life out of things, then stand in sorrow because it has a hole from all the wearing it got. So, transitioning it from a summer to a fall dress was obviously a must. Put on a cardi, replace the sandals for boots, and you're set to go! 

(pardon the white legs. I don't tan as well as I wish I did)
dress: Old Navy | cardigan: Deliah's | belt: Old Navy | boots: GoJane | necklace: Jane

And if I'm thinking practical for the now present winter months I'd go for some leggings, particularly fleece lined that everyone should own, even though I'm being a hypocrite and can't say I own a pair that fancy myself, and a chunkier sweater over top and call it a day. Then I'd probably go outside, feel the temperatures against my non-fleece-lined legs, and count down the days till June 6, aka the day summer officially comes for me. 

How are you making your clothes last through all the seasons?
The Pleated Poppy, Two Thirty Five Designs

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crafty Christmas Roundup

With Christmas almost just 2 weeks away we have not produced one Christmas craft. Shame, shame, shame on us. Maybe next week you can expect on, but by then it may be a little late. I guess you can tuck it away for next year :). 
If you need a little boost with Christmas crafts, decking your halls I've scrounged together some of our previous Christmas crafts, and of course, have been browsing Pinterest for Christmas cheer since December 1. I figured we'd do a little Christmas Inspiration. Plenty of Christmas cheer to pass around for sure! 


Mini Christmas Trees. Super easy! Made another one for this year.

"Joy To the World" hoops from last year. 

This sign makes me envious. 

And for all you super ambitious ones, go sew yourself an amazingly adorable stocking. If you want, you can sew me one while you're at it.

Toy Packaging
I love myself a festive wrapped present, obviously I'm obsessed with the idea of a Christmasy tag. 

And a cute way to give a bag full of sweets

Christmas Words

If you want to see more, you can follow my Christmas bored
Happy Thursday!

Monday, December 9, 2013

What I Wore {TOMS}

Are you guys loving the new blog name as much as we are?! 
{If you just checked in and noticed everything is different, we changed our name from Two Girls and A GlueGun to Lynlee. We will be posting more fashion and DIY projects rather than "gluing" projects so, get excited and stick around!}

I have been checking out the TOMS website a lot lately, but couldn't quite hit checkout yet. These boots were on the top of my list and when I saw them at SHI the other weekend, I of course tried them on. They fit AMAZingly, so I knew I'd have to get them. 

outfit is all old navy, except for the boots.

Flash back to black friday when Toms had a sale for $10 off your order + free shipping. Yah, I hit the checkout then. 

Now I have this amazing new pair of Nepal Boots that I will probably be wearing the heck out of this winter. You should get yourself a pair too ---> click here. & bonus! for every pair you buy, Toms gives a pair of shoes to a child without. 


Keep enjoying the holiday season!


check back later this week {or next, who knows when I'll get to posting it ;)} to hear about my business, The Twisted Thread

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Welcome to Lynlee!

AHH! It's fresh, it's new, and we hope you love it too! 
I don't know if there is any better way to introduce you to our 'new' blog than with a rhyme that anybody would be ashamed of. 
Since the rhyme took place of any formal introductions, welcome to Lynlee. It's Two Girls and a Glue Gun, only grown up. 

While Two Girls and a Glue Gun was a spunky name (and we did like it) we were steering away from the crafty crafts that we started with (I wouldn't go back and look at them. They are extremely humiliating and your eyes will burn from the pictures, and the corny crafts. If you are a grammar freak you'll surely go ballistic). Specifically over the past year we have been expanding our blog more into the fashion, DIY, and sewing places of the blog-o-sphere. We needed something that covered more ground, but wouldn't be 'outdated' before you know it. Cause lets be honest. Changing your blog name can be a pain, and you kinda want to stick to the same thing for as long as you can.

Soo... after much thought, and many months of consideration we landed on Lynlee, the product when we smoosh Lynelle and Lee together (our middle names). Not much has changed. Same content, same address, same layout (for the most part), same people blogging (or not blogging, like we've been doing lately). Just a different name.

Colors we followed
Fonts: Monoment, Flourence

The main change (other than the name/look) is all the action going on on the side bar.
We've got our intro, and then scroll below and there's our own social media links. Obviously Taylor is much more involved in social media compared to me :). I look like I've grown up in the stone ages. One big thing for Lynlee is the fact that we are now actively on Google+. Follow along to get updates and stay connected with us!
Below, we have Taylor's adorable business and logo! Right now the link isn't working, but check it out under her FB button! It's fab. She takes year round orders! The rest of the side bar is pretty self explanatory, along with the rest of the blog.

There's still a few kinks here and there that we have to fix up (ehem, why does it still say TGAAGG on the tab in your internet browser?), but hopefully over the next 2 or 3 days Lynlee with be all set!

And since we want this post to be longer and wordier than it already is, here's a walk down memory lane. TGAAGG, it was fun while it lasted #gettinsappy

Hope you love the new look as much as we do!
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