Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crafty Christmas Roundup

With Christmas almost just 2 weeks away we have not produced one Christmas craft. Shame, shame, shame on us. Maybe next week you can expect on, but by then it may be a little late. I guess you can tuck it away for next year :). 
If you need a little boost with Christmas crafts, decking your halls I've scrounged together some of our previous Christmas crafts, and of course, have been browsing Pinterest for Christmas cheer since December 1. I figured we'd do a little Christmas Inspiration. Plenty of Christmas cheer to pass around for sure! 


Mini Christmas Trees. Super easy! Made another one for this year.

"Joy To the World" hoops from last year. 

This sign makes me envious. 

And for all you super ambitious ones, go sew yourself an amazingly adorable stocking. If you want, you can sew me one while you're at it.

Toy Packaging
I love myself a festive wrapped present, obviously I'm obsessed with the idea of a Christmasy tag. 

And a cute way to give a bag full of sweets

Christmas Words

If you want to see more, you can follow my Christmas bored
Happy Thursday!

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