Friday, December 20, 2013

On My List

1. sweet mint eos | 2. throw | 3. headband | 4. watch | 5. scarf | 6. washi tape | 7. bracelet | 8. wristlet

Christmas is just err... days away! And since we are doing some major Christmas slacking, I figured I'd make up for it with 6 things that are 'on my list'. Most of my list includes clothes, but I thought I'd mix it up and get a few items other than cardigans and sweaters in the mix :).

1. Eos. My life depends on chapstick. If I go without it, my lips flame up in irritation. It's crazy. Taylor's sister got me hooked on eos, and the sweet mint smells delliicious!

2. Ok so this item is more likely to make my dream list seeing how its $75 for a throw. Nevertheless, I'm in love with it and wouldn't mind throwin it on my bed.

3. I'm seriously a headband hoarder. This one is just fabulous. The shop has so many amazing prints, I'm pretty sure I had 5 prints that were my favorite!

4. I'm not a big wrist charm wearer, but seriously?! If I got this watch I'd wear the life out of the little thing.

5. I'm pretty sure I own enough scarves to last me the rest of my life, but I really dig the cowl styled ones for fall and winter! It's like a glove to my neck-- only with no hand grabbing me uncomfortably. And this color makes me stop dead in my tracks.

6. I think I have more washi taped 'favorited' on Etsy than I do anything else.

7. Again, I'm not usually fond wearing something around my wrist, but if I happen to own this cross bracelet you'd see me everyday doing the layering move with the bracelet and watch! Like really, I can't stop looking at it.

8. I'll be getting my license soon (Lord willing), and I think with that comes a new and improved wallet/wristlet to carry around with my keys and of course my license inside, wouldn't you say? Polka dots+leather makes this 120938234 times more adorable! (love this one in navy as well! Go check it out!)


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