Saturday, December 7, 2013

Welcome to Lynlee!

AHH! It's fresh, it's new, and we hope you love it too! 
I don't know if there is any better way to introduce you to our 'new' blog than with a rhyme that anybody would be ashamed of. 
Since the rhyme took place of any formal introductions, welcome to Lynlee. It's Two Girls and a Glue Gun, only grown up. 

While Two Girls and a Glue Gun was a spunky name (and we did like it) we were steering away from the crafty crafts that we started with (I wouldn't go back and look at them. They are extremely humiliating and your eyes will burn from the pictures, and the corny crafts. If you are a grammar freak you'll surely go ballistic). Specifically over the past year we have been expanding our blog more into the fashion, DIY, and sewing places of the blog-o-sphere. We needed something that covered more ground, but wouldn't be 'outdated' before you know it. Cause lets be honest. Changing your blog name can be a pain, and you kinda want to stick to the same thing for as long as you can.

Soo... after much thought, and many months of consideration we landed on Lynlee, the product when we smoosh Lynelle and Lee together (our middle names). Not much has changed. Same content, same address, same layout (for the most part), same people blogging (or not blogging, like we've been doing lately). Just a different name.

Colors we followed
Fonts: Monoment, Flourence

The main change (other than the name/look) is all the action going on on the side bar.
We've got our intro, and then scroll below and there's our own social media links. Obviously Taylor is much more involved in social media compared to me :). I look like I've grown up in the stone ages. One big thing for Lynlee is the fact that we are now actively on Google+. Follow along to get updates and stay connected with us!
Below, we have Taylor's adorable business and logo! Right now the link isn't working, but check it out under her FB button! It's fab. She takes year round orders! The rest of the side bar is pretty self explanatory, along with the rest of the blog.

There's still a few kinks here and there that we have to fix up (ehem, why does it still say TGAAGG on the tab in your internet browser?), but hopefully over the next 2 or 3 days Lynlee with be all set!

And since we want this post to be longer and wordier than it already is, here's a walk down memory lane. TGAAGG, it was fun while it lasted #gettinsappy

Hope you love the new look as much as we do!

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