Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Wore {Summer Dress to Fall}

Obviously this outfit isn't as weather appropriate as it was 2 months ago, hence the title involving two seasons that are long gone. But we will go with the flow, because I learned that taking outfit pictures outside in the blistering cold with a wind chill that feels to be -140 degrees while snowflakes busts through you squinty eyelids and almost catching pneumonia is not worth it. No matter how in love with your new jean jacket you are, your health should come first.
So we will embrace this Michigan weather because it means snow days, and pretty views out your window. Instead try to focus on the amazing view, along with the joy snow days bring, and if you please dream of the days when the leaves will come again and then change colors, and then I can wear this outfit once again. So many flashbacks to good 'ol October. 

Anywhoo, enough reminiscing. I bought this dress in mid-August, meaning I really only had a month give or take of wearing it. But that's not enough for me! I wear the life out of things, then stand in sorrow because it has a hole from all the wearing it got. So, transitioning it from a summer to a fall dress was obviously a must. Put on a cardi, replace the sandals for boots, and you're set to go! 

(pardon the white legs. I don't tan as well as I wish I did)
dress: Old Navy | cardigan: Deliah's | belt: Old Navy | boots: GoJane | necklace: Jane

And if I'm thinking practical for the now present winter months I'd go for some leggings, particularly fleece lined that everyone should own, even though I'm being a hypocrite and can't say I own a pair that fancy myself, and a chunkier sweater over top and call it a day. Then I'd probably go outside, feel the temperatures against my non-fleece-lined legs, and count down the days till June 6, aka the day summer officially comes for me. 

How are you making your clothes last through all the seasons?
The Pleated Poppy, Two Thirty Five Designs


Alyssa said...

I love buying dresses that are versatile! It's like having a few outfits in one item! Thee best! I like this one! Found you from wiww

Marlen said...

You transitioned this SO well, and i really like all the soft colors paired together. This looks super pretty :)

xo Marlen
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