Monday, December 9, 2013

What I Wore {TOMS}

Are you guys loving the new blog name as much as we are?! 
{If you just checked in and noticed everything is different, we changed our name from Two Girls and A GlueGun to Lynlee. We will be posting more fashion and DIY projects rather than "gluing" projects so, get excited and stick around!}

I have been checking out the TOMS website a lot lately, but couldn't quite hit checkout yet. These boots were on the top of my list and when I saw them at SHI the other weekend, I of course tried them on. They fit AMAZingly, so I knew I'd have to get them. 

outfit is all old navy, except for the boots.

Flash back to black friday when Toms had a sale for $10 off your order + free shipping. Yah, I hit the checkout then. 

Now I have this amazing new pair of Nepal Boots that I will probably be wearing the heck out of this winter. You should get yourself a pair too ---> click here. & bonus! for every pair you buy, Toms gives a pair of shoes to a child without. 


Keep enjoying the holiday season!


check back later this week {or next, who knows when I'll get to posting it ;)} to hear about my business, The Twisted Thread

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