Thursday, April 25, 2013

Decorative Picture Frame

If you saw the other day, Taylor and I had ourselves a little shopping spree. One of the things I picked up was a simple Ribba frame via Ikea. Since that store really gets your creative juices flowing, I picked up this already cheap+on sale frame (follow that?) with an idea in mind to spunk it up a little. That idea doesn't follow the predictable steps of spray paint, and chuck a picture in it. No, no. My mind was thinking more like: 
Hang pictures in a picture frame using twine and top it off with a funky banner. 
If you followed that cudos to you. Normally I don't even follow what goes on in my brain.
Dare to care what a 'hang pictures in a picture frame using twin and top it off with a funky banner' sort of craft looks like?
I'm pretty much captivated with it. It's probably the lines of twine, the precious little mini clips, and because I have my own 'mantle' to decorate all in one picture frame that does it to me. Or it could be because it's so functional. 

Let me explain what makes it so functional. There are mini paper clips on the back which makes it oh so easy to switch in and out banners (this is the part that makes me feel like I have my own mantle-- I get to hang banners according to the season. I'm a corny kid)

What You Need
Frame (you don't need glass/matting) (mine was 15 3/4 x 19 3/4)
String or Twine
Hot glue
Optional: Mini clothes pins

Take the glass, matting and anything else out of the frame. You just need the frame. 
On the backside of the frame measure where you want your clothes pins and strong to go. Make a mark on both sides of the frame with pencil. 
(My measurements for the distance each mark was from each other)
Cut string/twine (whatever you use) the length (plus a little longer) of your frame.

Put a dot of hot glue right over top of the pencil mark you made and press the twine down on the hot glue dot. (You may want to add a little hot glue around/on top of the twine to keep it held in place really well)

Once the hot glue dries, take the other end of the string/twine, pull it taught and trim off any extra. 

Do this to as many lines of strong that you have. 
Now, for the clothes pins. The functional clothes pins.
Take your clothes pins and hot glue them to the frame, lining them up against the edge of the frame. Press down on the clothes pin to make sure it is in place. (as you can see, I pushed down rather hard-- resulting in a terrible looking finger)
Display those pictures on the lines of string with mini clothes pins.

And clip a banner on the back! (banner tutorial coming)

Now go find a frame and make it reusable-- it is Earth Day week and all :)


Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

In case it slipped your mind, today is Earth Day. Yeah I know, it wouldn't have been on my radar either if it weren't for these cupcakes floating around on Pinterest.  

Call me corny for going all out and making cupcakes for this 'holiday'. I'm usually not one to celebrate Earth day, but it was a perfect excuse to make these cupcakes. (from a box of course, cause I can't do homemade)

I made little cake toppers too because that's what I do on Friday nights when I have zero homework.

Happy Earth Day! 
And if this holiday inspires you to do so, go out and plant a tree or two, or a tin can pencil holder will do.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shopping Spree

Over Spring Break (which feels like years ago) Taylor and I adventured into the worlds most motivating store.
That store has a unique way of getting your mind set on organizing every drawer when you get home with their outstanding offices. Their kitchens actually make you want to clean yours. And the bedrooms that they have designed, well they just inspire you to take a nap. 
This trip to Ikea was a first to me. So naturally, the moment we stepped in my eyes bulged out of my head, and the same goes for Taylor. Seriously, that stores is the hot-diggity-dog. 
Not only did we go to Ikea but we hit a pretty impressive outlet mall. 
Ikea + an outlet mall = some pretty fabulous deals.

1. Waste Basket (Ikea): Leave it to Ikea to create a cute waste basket.
2. Flower + Vase (Ikea): It was too cute (and cheap) not to pass up. You can't see this in the picture, but the vase has tiny glass dots all around.
3. Frame (Ikea): I bought this with a craft in mind-- tutorial coming next week!
4. Patterned Shorts (Gap Outlet): These shorts make me crave summer times 10000.
5. White Kapris (LOFT Outlet): Another spring staple added to my wardrobe.
6. Tin Buckets (Ikea): I tell you, these little guys are superb when it comes to getting organized.
(You can see the detail on the vase a little better here)
7. Running Shorts (Rue21 Outlet): Comfiest shorts around. That's all I can say.

Have you ever been to Ikea? Did you love it, or find it overwhelming? What's your favorite place to shop?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Things Friday

Woah there. 
Has it really been over a week since we last posted? 
It's been one of those weeks when you feel like you are a chicken running with its head cut off- first week back from Spring break with a bucket load of things going on and floating in my brain.
Catch my drift? We've all been there. Right?

I'm checking in, and giving you all some pretty pins to look at while I catch my breath and get my act back together. 

Before we start, if you are on Pinterest and care to follow along with my pins, here's my page

Leave it to Target to make the most adorable sandals of the season! 

I'm kinda obsessed with smoothies lately. 

These sassy doors make me drool

I'm really in love with this scrap banner. 

This here is the most adorable cookie.

Have a super-fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Font Fiesta

The pre-installed fonts are pretty much the bomb. Take a look at Comic Sans, which is one of my absolute favorites to use. Then again, Curlz MT is right on up there (Come on, they even spelled curls with a z. Bonus points!). This post is dedicated to all those imaginative fonts that are oh-so-kindly already there for use when we open up our word documents. 

April Fools 3 days late. 
(I think we can record that for the worse April Fools joke in all history)

Unless I am writing a paper for school, or am specifically told to use a certain font, I refuse to use the pre-installed fonts. I mean, no offense, they aren't the cutest.
I'm defiantly a font snob. 

I am continuously stalking the fonts out there and downloading them. I even have a Font board on Pinterest to help organize my obsession. 
To give your font book a little creative kick, here are 15 (out of the hundreds I have) of my favorite fonts. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention they're F-R-E-E!  

Have at it! Download a few, or all 15. If you are font happy check out my Pinterest board dedicated to fonts and have yourself a font fiesta!

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