Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Artistic on the Walls

We're gonna get heart to heart and have a little confession time.
Sometimes I bribe my sisters. Like with quarters, left over craft show stuff, or being nice to them for a day. Just kidding on the last one. I'm always nice. 

There's one sister in particular who gets quarters for doing art for my walls, cause It turns out looking like this (flash the lights! cue the music!)...
...and this
I. Know. 
It's crazy good. Like good enough it gets its own pretty-pointless post.

**True story: 10:30 PM "Choose Joy" came a crashing down the same day I took these pictures. Now if that doesn't get's your heart pumping and checking for burglars than I don't know what does. There was no shattered glass so I am not destined for 7 years of bad luck or however those crazy superstitions go, but the frame needed a little repair (or is completely done for... we'll see if it holds up), and turns out Command Hooks don't hold as much weight as they say they can- those frauds :) (I really do love you command hooks!) I now have yet another nail hole in place of the command hook. 

And that's how I'm gonna end the most pointless blog post ever written up on this blog.
Have a super great day! Are you getting any new art for your walls?
And we're on snow day #8 and a 7 day weekend. I have never seen so much snow in my life. It goes passed my knees! AAH. I'm rootin to make it a full week of snowdays... we'll see!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lynlee,

Sorry to hear of you experience with the Command(TM) products.Please call us at 1-800-537-9514 and mention case #5483880 so we can discuss what happened.


Scott B
3M Command(TM) Brand

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