Monday, January 6, 2014

Bathroom Add On: Inspiration

Since 2014 is still so fresh, one thing I'm really pumped about in this particular year is that we are adding a bathroom to our basement to make things a little functional for me as well as 2 of my sisters. I'm making my 2014 resolution to make this bathroom look fab-u-lous. Just kidding, that is the most pathetic resolution heard of to mankind yet. However, I'm pretty excited about this whole deal! (Just ask Taylor... the first few days of 'construction' I was bouncing off the walls and sending her pictures and videos whenever we added another board to the framing)

I won't be documenting every single detail about this new add on, because well... basically all I'm doing is giving my two cents on decorating ideas and putting them into action. But don't be surprised if you find a few updates here and there... and most defiantly a reveal! 

From the start we were set on tan walls. The location of the bathroom is lacking 100% in natural light. Zero, zip, nada windows. Boohoo. We need a tan color that will be light, and won't look yellow or dingy in the basement light. I'm rooting for bran muffin... fingers crossed I get my way :). 

We've got our vanity picked out, courtesy of Lowe's. 
We're going with the bead-board look, and plan on having a storage unit with cabinets and open shelving that will carry through with the bead-board theme. 

To spice up our vanity area I'm rooting for a wall of mini subway tile (or quatrefoil) tiles with our mirror. 

We don't have a ton of the decor planned out. Most of that will obviously just have to come until the bathroom is almost complete. However, my grandpa gave us 2 baskets that are almost identical to this one, and will make an appearance in the finished room.

This piece of beauty is probably what I am looking forward to the most. I just can't get over it. We have a big empty wall that will need something to spice it up. This canvas is peerrrfect for the job! It goes along with our tangerine colored accent theory. To save a few pennies we are gonna leave the painting job up to my freakishly artistic sister. If it turns out looking like a water color mess, you know who to blame. :)  


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Kacie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you guys are putting in a new bathroom! super cute vanity. I think that you should do bran muffin. super sassy. Knowing you girls it will look A M A Z I N G!

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