Friday, January 3, 2014

Five Things Friday

Hope your new year rang in with a positive start! Mine consisted of being in a van with my siblings for 12 hours. Nothing screams happy 2014 like being that close and personal. Let's just say, I hope this year is not as hair pulling as the car ride was at points. (We made a trip to DC over the break, and traveled back to our territory of the world new years.) 

I would barely call this a resolution, but my resolution is to keep a calendar in my room for 2014. Come to think of it... I was aiming for that last year too, along with running 3 times a week, and stop procrastinating. Did that happen? Nooo. However, this year it will come true (and hopefully the other 2 above.. maybe that's asking too much?). I've printed out this great freebie. Woohoo... may be 3 days late, but better than 365 days late.

This is just the randomest and wierdest thing ever (cause I talk like I know her) for my to share, but I couldn't help but show ya. Kelli Ingram's kitchen is literally drop dead gorgeous. I'm pretty sure I died and went to heaven when I saw it. My eyes are not holy enough for this. Now that we got that out there....

We're doing a little add on in the basement of our house... more to come hopefully next week. Oh and go ahead and be jealous of that organized storage room in the background! Keeping it real. 

School becomes reality for me again come 6:00 Monday morning. I think that deserves the biggest sad face you can ever get your hands on. You know what comes a week after that? Exams. Oh my good lans. How ever shall I survive? 

Michigan's winter has been crazy gorgeous this year. Even though it crashes all hopes and dreams of getting my license asap, I will still embrace the winter wonderland. #itslikeJesusshinindown. 

Have a superb weekend! 

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