Monday, January 27, 2014

"Let Your Light Shine" Painted Bag

Here's assurance that we aren't dead. More like exams were a 2 weeks ago, and then we got lazy. Now with 6 snow days (WOOHOO!), I'm feeling fresh and ready to tackle this here blog.
And just to document how crazy these snow days have been coming in-- 5 in 2014, and 1 in 2013. All the snow days have either been leading into a break (Christmas break) or coming out of the break, 2 days in a row, or giving us a long weekend. CAH-RAZY!

We're starting off simple with this pretty self-explanitory canvas bag makeover. It's about as straight-forward as you can get, and a no-brainer sort of craft, but it's my number 1 favorite bag at the moment, so I couldn't help but share it with ya. 
I first saw this bag at Meg Durksen's Whatever Craft weekend. I don't know how you feel about those crazy cool weekends, but they are pretty darn full of inspiration if you ask me. 

Naturally I got right on tracking down a good size canvas bag, and got to work. 

Start with your blank canvas bag (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for about 5 bucks, and it's super big so bonus!). Start off by writing "SHINE". Start with the middle letter... being "I" and move out from there. 
Once you've got that done move onto "let your light". I typed it up on my laptop, chose a font similar to the one from the inspiration and used that for my guide.

Move on to painting your letters. I used regular craft paint that we had on hand because I'm cheap like that. However, you could of course go ahead with fabric paint. 
Put paper towel in the pockets, or in the bag so you don't have any bleeding through. 

Let it dry and taa-daa you've got yourself and spiced up canvas bag. 
One of my favorite things about this bad boy is the freakishly large pockets in the front. Maybe their not huge. Not I can fit my laptop in there huge, but instead I can tote around my favorite note pad from where else but, Targets dollar section. Cause seriously, who needs a laptop when you've got a metallic note book? 

Go get all inspirational on the front of your canvas bag now! 

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see what i sea designs said...

I'm a huge fan of canvas totes and am definitely going to have to do this for myself! Great project!

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