Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Turban Headband

Told ya guys I was a little headband crazy. 
This thing is the comfiest thing in the world. I know, I didn't know a headband could be comfy either until now. It's like fleece lined leggings for a head. It's crazy cool. 
Seriously, you might feel so cool wearing this that you pop a collar like I seem to be doing. Obviously I didn't have my sister-photographer to tell me what I'm out of wack... just me, the camera, and the tripod made out of sewing baskets, crates, and instrument cases stacked on top of each other.  

I've had a long longing for a turban headband, like ever since I saw this one back in October. With all of our snow days (8 to be exact) I figured it was time to get something done. And I came out with a turban headband. 

What You Need
Knit fabric (mine was jersey knit)
Sewing machine+the sewing basics

Start off by cutting your fabric. Mine ended up being 8 inches wide. I was bad and didn't pay attention to the length because you don't necessarily need to be precise with it--just enough so it will wrap around your head twice and have a 3-5 inch tail. If you want a wider band, add an inch or two onto the width. 

Fold right sides together. Pin it in place and sew along the long edge. 
**Sewing on knit jersey fabric is harder than you may think... take it sloooowww and your line will come out straight! 
After your fabric is sewed you should end up with a long tube. Leave the ends open, we'll get to those in a bit!

Awkward selfies in b&w cause 7:30PM basement lighting looks better that way.
To measure where you need to sew the to tails together you'll have to do a little head wrapping. Make sure as you wrap it around your head it is a little snug (but not too snug!) so that it won't fall off.

1. Take the tails in front of your face.
2. Cross the two tails over each other
3. Give the tails a twist
4. Bring the tails to the back again and fasten with a pony tail holder/rubber band (below)
If the headband feels a little lose, do it again, only pull it harder.

Chop the extras off from the tails.

With one of the raw edges fold about 1/4 inch inward and insert the other raw edge into the folded hole. Sew along this new fold/seam.

You will end up with one big loop. To get the knot, you'll follow the same trying steps as you did when you were measuring your head for the band. 

And a little front and back close up action so you can observe my Sahara Desert dry hair  to see the knot you're going for. 

And if you have found your inner hippie go ahead and wear it this hipster way. I am still on the search for my inner hippie, so this wear is a little out of my league.

So treat your head to a legging-like headband, cause you deserve it!
Happy Wednesday!
Shabby Nest, Liz Marie, Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, Make it Love it,


Karen said...

This is a wonderful idea! I'm going through my fabric stash this afternoon to see what I can find to make one for myself. Thanks!

Lauren said...

This is a really cute idea and so simple. Thanks for sharing :)

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