Hey everybody! I'm Taylor - I enjoy sewing, black&white, trying to be as fashionable as the best bloggers out there, dreaming of my future home, and hanging out with cute little kids.

I'm am shorter than my 8th grade sister, and I'm a sophomore. My 4rd grade brother and I can share shoes. If only boy shoes were fashionable. So, I'm pretty much the opposite of Megan.

I love Isaiah 46:4 and Daniel 3:18, and live by the saying Pray More, Worry Less.

I believe that bright colors are always going to cheer you up, yet grey is my favorite color. I know that Skittles are the best candy out there and Pepsi products?! no thank you! hand me a Diet Coke! It's true, nothing can beat the flavor of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Summertime is meant for constantly being by (and in) the water + camping. Wedges are any short girls dream, and when I wear them I can actually get closer to the height of Megan. I love filling up online shopping carts, but barely ever buy anything. Old Navy's clearance section is fantastic. I would be able to live without animals, especially dogs. I think that school breaks are amazing, and that Monday morning's should never come. If you don't like country music, we might have a problem :) Oh, and Pinterest...it gives me so many ideas, yet I've barely completed any. Follow me here. Best App: Instagram (@taylorkruithof)

Oh, and I create super cute burlap garlands & more - check out The Twisted Thread.

Want to ask a question, have a comment, or request? Shoot me an email at: taylormegancrafts[at]gmail[dot]com - I'll get super excited. Promise.

Hope you stick around!
xoxo, Taylor

I'm kind of crazy too (but only in the comfort of my own home.)

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